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I’m an SLE that loves discussing pedagogy with teachers and leaders and enjoy sharing my knowledge and interest as often as possible. I hope that the CPD, research, videos and interviews on my website give you access to just some of my enthusiasm.

We know that passion is key when delivering maths lessons – and if you have that, then you will want to work with me, as I have it in spades!

Guest video of the month

Stretching a spring: understanding multiplication as scaling

This video is very interesting, as understanding multiplication as scaling can be tough to grasp. The NCETM’s website has many good videos discussing its approach to Teaching for Mastery, but this is worth a watch.

Memory is the residue of thought

From Daniel Willingham’s “Why don’t students like school?” (2009)

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One week to go! Our next #mathsjournalclub will be next Monday at 8pm.

We'll be discussing the article linked below: what's the connection between maths anxiety, working memory and maths performance? Have a read and come join in!

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