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I’m an SLE that loves discussing pedagogy with teachers and leaders and enjoy sharing my knowledge and interest as often as possible. I hope that the CPD, research, videos and interviews on my website give you access to just some of my enthusiasm.

We know that passion is key when delivering maths lessons – and if you have that, then you will want to work with me, as I have it in spades!

Guest video of the month

I regularly come across teachers who have no idea why “completing the square” is so-called. Representation allows everyone to see and understand this more easily. In this video, Eddie Woo demonstrates why the method has that name – a great example of conceptual understanding supporting prodcedural fluency.

Variation is… “a necessary component in teaching in order for students to notice what is to be learned ”

From Kullberg, A., Runesson, U. and Marton, F. ‘What is made possible to learn when using the variation theory of learning in teaching mathematics?’ (2017)

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Calling Maths ITT providers!

Given the current scenario, is there any online SKE provider that you recommend for prospective trainees, and why?

I appreciate funding starts from April but would like to get things sorted!

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@Mannermatics @giftedHKO What a great session! Just the sort of thing you never get on television - two people sharing ideas, no-one looking to score points or evade issues. So helpful and informative - I started teaching in 1962, and I'm learning so much!

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